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October is Eye Health Month

Eye health is a serious issue, and October is the time to remind ourselves and our loved ones of the need for regular eye exams. Children under 19 should have a full eye exam by a Canadian optometrist once every year (once every two years for adults)

Local Optometrists

Optometry is a regulated profession. Optometrists ("eye doctors") must have specific education and be licensed before they can practise in Canada. An Optician can provide you with new glasses, but you need an Optometrist to test your eyes first.

Note: residents of British Columbia can now get a prescription without seeing an Optometrist, however regular optometrist visits are strongly recommended to assess your eye health, check for disease, and reduce the risk of vision loss.

You may qualifiy for coverage under programs such as Ontario's OHIP. Please have your health insurance information ready and call a local Optometrist to see if you qualify.

Other services commonly provided by Optometrists include:

  • Full eye health exams, which may reveal conditions such as presbyopia, myopia, astigmatism, strabismus, glaucoma, and conjunctivitis.
  • Refractions to determine your glasses prescription.
  • Contact lens dispensing.
  • Emergency exams (such as foreign objects in the eye).
  • Specialty eye exams for certain professions (such as police, firefighter, etc.).